Sprits, forest and rivers: Memories of worlds from the Hupd’äh of the Amazon

A film written and directed by

Renato Athias and Mina Rad

With the Hupd’äh

Edited by Isabel Castro

France/Brazil 2021

The film shows the worlds of the Hupd’äh, people of the Northwest Amazon in Brazil, from the perspective and ethnographic collection of anthropologist Renato Athias. It presents geopolitics of occupation of social spaces and the trails that interconnect the various clans and their neighbors in the interfluvial region of the Uaupés, Papuri and Tiquié rivers. It is also a narrative about kinship networks and the relationship of the Hupd’äh with the ecological environment, where non-human beings from the forest, the “spirits”, also live.

Trailer  ENG :